XMAS Delivery’s?

Over the xmas period are deliverys will change a little to our normal service.

orders received before midnight 1th December will have a guaranteed delivered time of 22nd December which we will arrange a time slot that suits you best morning afternoon or evening (we will contact before delivery)

How often do you deliver?

Orders received before midnight on a Sunday will be delivered by the Friday after, all customers will be contacted before delivery to arrange best time. BARCELONA CENTRE

All Customers will be contacted before delivery is sent out

Do you do delivery outside Barcelona?

Yes we offer delivery outside of Barcelona to be collected from the closest train station depending on which zone (Catalunya, Spain ONLY)

Do you delivery out of Barcelona?

No, all orders placed outside of Barcelona will be returned minus the delivery charge, which will cover the admin fee for a wrongly placed order by Customer.

What about payment methods and your payment methods in general?

You can pay via credit card on Stripe

What are your delivery times and delivery dates?

Delivery times and dates vary, usually it is three to four days, but due to some items can take up to 7/10 days.

What are your coronavirus covid 19 policies?

We are operating during covid, drivers will be masked and we adhere to Spanish policies.

Which nutrition products do you stock?

You can find nutritional products here.

Do you offer free UK food delivery?

Yes on orders of 50€ (Spain Only)

What UK food home delivery products can I order?

You can order anything from our shop or contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Will the UK frozen food delivery products turn up frozen?

Yes they will

How will my supermarket shopping delivery arrive?

It will arrive bagged or boxed

Do you have a students guide to online food shopping?

At the moment we do not.

What are your online super market shopping delivery charges?

Standard delivery charge in Barcelona is 4.99€. Free delivery in Barcelona on orders over 50€ (your order must be over 50€ not including delivery charge to claim free delivery).

What grocery delivery do you do?

We do not have fresh grocery products

Do you have any other online shopping sites Barcelona?

We are currently working on another shop

Which are the best Barcelona food shops offering home delivery?

We are one of the best.

Do you have any special chocolates and sweets gifts ideas?

All chocolate products can be found here.

Do you offer chocolate and sweets online?

We have many chocolates and sweets which you can find here.

Which chocolate and sweets UK are the most popular?

You can find the best chocolate and sweets here.

Can I pre-order chocolate and sweets gifts?

Yes, please email us here.

Can i buy from outside Barcelona?

No. please make sure you contact UK Products before buying for outside of Barcelona as wrongly placed purchases will not have the delivery charge refunded, due to coast of admin time and transferee fees for wrongly Placed ordered.

Do you have a list of English food places in Barcelona?

Currently we don’t have a list

Do you have a sale on?

We are currently offering selected products on sale, you can find our sale products here.

When is your online sale on?

Each week we have items on sale

Which products are in your online sales?

You can view sale items here.

What vegan and vegetarian products do you have?

You can find our vegan and vegetarian products here.