Meal Kits Picnics and Special Offers; come and get them!!!

Family Friendly Picnic

So seeing how times are changing our patterns of life a little and we are having to look for new ways to save money and help ourselves out more, here at UK Products we have put together various meal kits, picnics and special offers. We have tried to make kits that will save you the […]

The “convenient” way

Convenient my ass! As times become harder (or maybe easier depending on where you are living) we have been encountering new challenges. Convenient my ass. These are testing our spirits and minds. Not only are we training to work from home online, which presents its own challenges; not only the fact of sharing the space […]

Crazy Offers!! 75% OFF FREE DELIVERY

Sales on UK Products Barcelona

Once in a while we do some crazy offers!! This one has to be our maddest yet. 75% off plus FREE Delivery at This is one of those crazy almost to good to be true offers. UK Products has been working closely with our suppliers for us to be able to do this for […]

Picnicing under the new restrictions

 Picnicing and the new restrictions. The new relaxed restrictions in Catalonia will remain in place until the 29th March when they will be reviewed once again. There are no longer local restrictions in place on freedom of movement through Catalonia but its advised to stay within your bubble and maintain distances however the borders to […]