Convenient my ass!

As times become harder (or maybe easier depending on where you are living) we have been encountering new challenges. Convenient my ass. These are testing our spirits and minds. Not only are we training to work from home online, which presents its own challenges; not only the fact of sharing the space with the whole family, which seems amazing to start with but can rapidly turn into a bit of a nightmare (that’s not to say we don’t love the family and being around them) its just work life rarely mixes with family life, food has become one of those underestimated challenges that have caught many by surprise.

Its hard work in general dealing with food in normal circumstances, we all know how coming home late from work, bad traffic, a not so warm greeting when you walk through the door can all put pay to the way we eat; usually reaching for that menu or meal kit flyer just happy and handily sitting there it its convenient spot for you to grab in that moment of weakness, i say weakness but that maybe a bit harsh, its complicated, hard and the last thing you want to being after a long day is slogging in the kitchen.

You got to love those people that can just be like, no food is simple and easy, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, so many flavors readily available, how are you not able to do this, you’re terrible for buying out or reaching for the easy option… well go fuck yourself mate! is the cry you can call. You and your handy books, great ideas and winning ways, life can be a bitch for most and only ever seems to get harder. Longer hours, less money and having to pull a fucking rabbit out of the hat what seems like everyday is just draining.

Recipes are great, books are a help, deals and take aways are all there for us and to make the life more convenient but do they? What are we getting back from all this, its easy to spend half your wage and more on the convenience, but is it really convenient if that money isn’t really there for you to be doing that with. We have to eat and when that hunger hits its easier at times to just go for anything close.

Yes planning is the key, spending up front is a good idea too, it seems hard at the time but in the long run is better. Spend 40€ at the weekend on supplies that can sustain you for the week. But its forty Euros you scream… how the hell can i just spend that… but then you go ahead for the next five days, buy a sandwich here, a menu del dia there, some afternoon snacks, another sandwich another day, a takeaway that night (repeat and repeat) Stop! now add that all up, shit look its definitely more than 40€ and in no way has it been as good for you.

Ever checked the ingredients? mmmm yum, a whole bunch of letters and numbers, words like aromas extracts and then weird percentages supposedly to give you an idea of quantity. Food is turning in to a bit of a bullshit game, turning i mean has turned. we’ve dropped the ball on this one, allowed the foul smelling stink of shit of processed food and quick fixes pollute our every day lives. Careful they’ll kill you with it and tell you its your fault you died not ours. And restaurants don’t get any better, using sub standard products to meet their food costs, selling you an idea for than what you actually need. They’re assholes and taking you for a ride and laughing all the way to the bank while that energy and substance you need in order to fight the daily struggle just doesn’t hit the spot.

And you wonder why… that chicken you just had, its been pumped forcefully full of water to increase its size, those vegetables that you eat… coated in pesticides… that Frankfurt sausage you just bought thinking its meat WRONG if there is any meat in there its the scrapings off the factory floor, the cartridge and bone fragments nicely blitz into a puree and happily squeezed into some pig intestine, whose been abused, beaten, and in all likelihood fucked by something in one way or another.

Then sold to you, through the wondrous charms of our new school marketing and advertising campaigns, that this is old school family run farm fresh food. BULLSHIT. And they even have the cojones to show you some lovely picture and pay some person to give a well rehearsed to perfection smile and testimony that this is so tasty and what you need in your life. No its definitely not what you need!

Convenient my ass
Convenient my ass

No more lies!!!! Make sure you know what you are eating… and yeah iv’e made your life harder and given you more to deal with but suck it up bitch its your fault as well as mine that we let this happen. Take responsibility for that fact and lets do something about it. Take the power back!

Washed in chlorine… tasty and perfect for your body